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Breathe Work

Mind and Body Healing and the Portalung

Quick link to the Mind-Body Connection
written by, Rambler

My short personal history:
Like many of us do, I’d abused up my body and disintegrated my mind in the late part of last century. How, isn’t important, just another colorful story. When offered drugs and surgery as solutions, I sought out the alternatives. The last twenty years have been an amazing journey down a wild variety of healing paths including tai chi, yoga, mindful nutrition, active spirituality and more. Each path shared a common destination, a healthy and whole life; and with the journey one essential common element emerged. My breath, everyone knows it’s basic, and almost everyone takes breath for granted until it’s interrupted. My intention with the Porta-Lung Blog, is to use the catalytic dynamic of breath as a vehicle to explore that mysterious land between mind and body from which healing and life it self takes shape. The Porta Lung is devices that not only sustains breath, but within which one can explore and develop breathe in a way that’s never been offered before. A Blog, ideally, is a forum for personal dynamic and evolving revelations as well as gaining information.
All of my teachers, in my healing journey, stressed the vital importance of breath, but few would explore the mechanics. Practicing breath work resulted in control and depth in healing. The Porta-lung offers more, with the Porta-Lung; I could not only monitor my normal breath rate and through changing the machine’s parameters increase my lung capacity. What was new to me was that I could lie there calmly and explore the experience of my body breathing separate from my intention to breathe. Feeling the ribs expand, all those tiny muscles, even the lungs themselves expanding from inside out then relaxing was fascinating to me. I was able to engage and withdraw from my intension to breath and experience how that felt on ever more subtle levels as the breathing itself continue. With the Porta-Lung I am able to focus on my own familiar experiences with my body and breathe work.

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