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The Uniqueness of the Porta-lung

March 7, 2009 on 11:58 am | In submarinesusie |

The Porta Lung is a unique respirator and should have a place in medical science. Patients should have a choice between the kind of respiration we use. There should be a choice between positive pressure ventilators as well as negative pressure ventilators.
The medical profession may not see the invaluable breath work that the Porta-lung provides to its users. Please help me answer your concerns, questions or hesitations.
What scares you about the porta lung?

How would you like it to be designed to make it more comfortable and appealing to you?

Granted the Porta-lung could be intimidating at first glance. The Blue Monster! (see post)
If the collar scares you, please understand that it can be adjusted to fit your comfort level.

Do you feel like you will be trapped in the belly chamber of this Blue Monster? Instead of thinking of the Porta-lung as a monster, think of it like a brand new pair of shoes that you have to break in. You don’t always break in a new pair of shoes in a day; rather you have to get used to their feel. You have to get used to the feel of the Porta-lung…it takes time. Give it time to grow on you.

If you have serious breathing problems as I do, you soon will find that the Porta-lung can be more of a gift in your life than a burden.

Express your concerns, your frustrations and what you would like changed about the Porta- lung if you were to use one.

Please feel free to voice your opinions to me.

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