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Innovation in Negative Pressure Vents

October 4, 2008 on 12:26 pm | In submarinesusie |

After doing some research on the Pegaso Cough Assist Device, I think it could help cystic fibrosis and emphesyma patients alot with keeping their from phlegm buildup in their lungs. I get phlegm in my throat and oftentimes it is difficult for me to cough it up completely, even on the NEV and the Porta-lung. Therefore, it might be useful to those who need to cough a lot to have a Pegaso Cough Assist.
This new vent is just one of many areas where porta-lung Inc is try to modern their equipment and adapt to people’s independent lifestyles. Who knows, maybe in the future we will see the porta-lung’s descendent! It’s descendent might be more innovative and even more up-to-date with the times.


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  1. Susie,
    I was wondering if you had a chance to see that Repironics Cough Assist devise video clip on Youtube? I am attaching the link for bloggers to catch. I found it very interesting and informative, what are your thoughts? And how does the Pegasso Cough Assistant compare?

    Comment by salaz01 — November 23, 2008 #

  2. Thank you, Salaz01, yes I did. The Respironics Cough Assist device looks like a nifty machine. The Cough Assist devices help prevent respiratory tract infections so that you can stay out of the hospital when you get a cold and can’t cough yourself. I have been hospitalized on more than one occasion for bronchopulmonary infections due to thick secretions. I was reading how the Pegaso Cough Assist is better than a suction machine because it gets the secretions up with a simulation of a cough so it is non-invasive. For someone like me who has to be suctioned alot, that sounds really cool!!! :) :D
    Compared with the Respironics Cough Assist, the Pegaso is very lightweight and portable which allows the patient to take it with them to the workplace, school - wherever they go! So it allows them to maintain their freedom and fulfill their dreams. When I watched the youtube video of the Respironics Cough Assist, I was impressed by the fact that Patrick could use a machine like the cough assist and have it in on his power chair while working as an attorney for a law firm. Now it is possible for patients with similar diseases as Patrick to clear their secretions with even more ease using the Pegaso Cough Assist. Just as the Respironics model was portable, the Pegaso is 20 lbs lighter and easy to use. Being lighter, it is easier to hide so that the patient doesn’t have to stand out like a sore thumb in a crowd. I DEFINITELY go for discretion and inconspicuousness. I like people to notice for my personality, not by the equipment I carry around with me. :)
    Of course, the best part of the Pegaso is it is affordable and will be easy to ship to other countries due to less weight.

    It seems like a nice alternative to suctioning. As one who has excess saliva and difficulty swallowing, I have to be suctioned fairly frequently and I don’t like it. Suctioning is not a practical solution for clearing secretions because as soon as you insert the suction catheter into the throat, it chokes the patient and causes more secretions. The Pegaso looks like a great machine worth purchasing!

    Comment by submarine susie — November 29, 2008 #

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