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Innovation in Negative Pressure Vents

October 4, 2008 on 12:26 pm | In submarinesusie | 2 Comments

After doing some research on the Pegaso Cough Assist Device, I think it could help cystic fibrosis and emphesyma patients alot with keeping their from phlegm buildup in their lungs. I get phlegm in my throat and oftentimes it is difficult for me to cough it up completely, even on the NEV and the Porta-lung. Therefore, it might be useful to those who need to cough a lot to have a Pegaso Cough Assist.
This new vent is just one of many areas where porta-lung Inc is try to modern their equipment and adapt to people’s independent lifestyles. Who knows, maybe in the future we will see the porta-lung’s descendent! It’s descendent might be more innovative and even more up-to-date with the times.

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