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A Cordial Invitation

September 2, 2008 on 3:17 pm | In submarinesusie |

Hello Folks,
If you like the posts I have written so far, feel free to come on to the blog and post your thoughts and concerns about the porta lung, breathing, or anything respiratory that comes to mind. Express your likes or express your dislikes about my blog - that’s ok too! Criticism is fine if it is expressed politely and respectfully. Just come on and express yourself in whatever way you feel comfortable. This blog is written for you, the viewer.

Happy posting!


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  1. Hey,there,S.S.! How have you been? Thanks for the invitation…here are some thoughts on breath work and the Porta-Lung that might be worthy of comment. First off, why call it “breath work”? Usually, if one has to work at breath, that means there’s something wrong: inhibited, blocked, diverted. If all’s well, we think breath should be an unconscious process. Not necessarily, and CONSCIOUS is the key word. Breath is a catalytic dynamic:i t initiates and affects a process (catalytic) and it changes and is changed by its environment(dynamic). One’s perception of the outside world is reflected in breath, and one’s response is expressed through breath. It’s the first lens of awareness and our most basic voice. If we make this a conscious process, both perception and expression change….and there’s the work. Control of this process requires developement of the mind-body connection: conscious effort, working out the “muscles” of attention and intention. Here’s where Porta Lung comes in. It essentially “breathes” our body for us; while relaxing in the Porta Lung, one can observe normal breathing sensations while experiencing them without effort. All that’s required is attention. This experience can even become the “focus object” for deep meditation. In the Porta Lung, one’s intention to participate (in breathing) can be introduced or withdrawn, just like working a muscle. One’s breath rate can be intentionally maximized with the twist of a dial, thus shifting body’s performance and mind’s experience, deepening the connection. Thus Porta Lung becomes a tool for improving breath control and deepening the mind-body connection. As with anything, repetition plus attention leads to entrainment, thus improving the entire dynamic. So, for an ancient challenge(mind-body conection) the world has a 21st century tool.

    Comment by Rambler — September 2, 2008 #

  2. I’d like to address your first thought on breath work. Before I started this blog with porta lung, I had never heard the term “breath work”; I always thought of it as “breathing” or “respiration” - pure and simple. But I guess there is some “work” that goes into breathing; although (when all’s well) this work is subconcious. Although the brain sends signals to the lungs to breathe, we aren’t always aware or focused on these signals going to the lungs. Rather it just happens. Well…we ASSUME it just happens…nothing ever just happens. A supreme being (God) keeps the universe in existence and all of us people too.

    For the sake of our readers and myself, would you please explain what you mean when you say “catalytic”? What process does breath initiate and affect?

    My perception of the outside world is reflected in breath? How so? Perception is “the awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation”. Breath allows us to have that awareness because it makes us conscious but I’m not sure that I can agree breath is a reflection of my perception. My perception comes through sight, hearing, feeling, hearing, tasting and smelling. Not from breathing. Breathing might shape my perception in terms of getting enough oxygen to see a thing clearly but it isn’t a “reflection” of my perception. Breath doesn’t show what I see. It just enables me to see better. But that is not to say I MUST breathe in order to be able to see because one can be blind and still be able to breathe. I think what I’m saying is that breathing and seeing with the eyes or the mind are not intertwined.

    And breathing doesn’t shape the way I think either. You and I can believe any religion and be total opposites in the way we think, but we will be able to still breathe. One of us may even lose our mental capability and would still breathe.

    I think you’re terminology is too confusing. For the sake of the average reader, let’s keep this discussion clear and simple. Not everyone is into wholistic medicine or has a medical background so you should speak to them in simple language so they can understand what you’re trying to say. The porta lung doesn’t “breathe” our body for us. Rather it assists the lungs to breathe. Perhaps. this is what you’re saying but it sounds clearer to say that it “assists” in the breathing process.

    Yes, you can meditate in the porta lung but its not a source of meditation. I don’t meditate on what the porta lung does for my lungs; rather, I use the relaxation that comes from the porta lung to raise my thoughts in prayer to the One who gives us breath. That’s my topic of meditation.

    Comment by submarine susie — September 3, 2008 #

  3. Hello again! Hope your days have been good. It’s great to be in dialogue again. So… a catalyst is any substance or process that starts/helps something else get going. By itself it’s not much, but added to other things it sparks the process…like with certain kinds of adhesives or other chemical reactions. Breath is a catalyst for life itself. It’s one of the first things we do at birth, and the quality of our breath affects our quality of life. When I say it reflects our perception, I’m using “perception” as my interpretation of the signals that come in through my senses. For example, I could see a spider and perceive a threat…I’d feel fear, and my breathing would quicken reflecting my fear. Someone else might like spiders, or have no opinion, and their breathing pattern would reflect that. The cool thing I’ve found is this: let’s say I AM afraid of spiders. I spot one…breath quickens, gets shallow…I realize my body has moved into fear. IF I CONSCIOUSLY TAKE CONTROL OF MY BREATH, make it slow down and get deeper, my sense of fear lessons or goes away. The spider’s still there, but NOW I might perceive it as just a little bug or “no big deal”, and I can decide more clearly what to do about it…all because I changed my breath pattern. That’s an example of breath affecting my thinking…not very profound, but if(to use your example) I use the relaxed state of body and mind that comes from deep regular breathing to raise my thoughts in prayer, the effects CAN be profound.

    Comment by Rambler — September 7, 2008 #

  4. The porta-lung regulates or controls breathing patterns because it’s an enclosed pressurized cylinder. So, let’s say for example you are afraid of spiders and one comes crawling up the pillow near your head. In this regulated breathing environment, change in your breathing is not going to be evident because the machine breathes for you. Your mind would race with this fear but I don’t think you could actually change your breathing pattern inside the tank. This is the same with prayer. The regulation of the breathing pattern with a porta-lung is simply a tool that relaxes the body but the state of the mind can be tense when the body is complete relaxed. With the consistent smooth breathing of the porta-lung I can feel physically relaxed but my mind can be stressed about a thousand other things. The mental and physical cannot always be united on this earth (I don’t think) because man is constantly trying to find his destiny - that being to rest for eternity with the Creator. A famous philosopher of our time said “That our destiny is to know the truth.” And how do we come to know the truth? We go outside of ourselves and look at the world around us - to the One made us and gave us our very being.

    Comment by submarine susie — September 10, 2008 #

  5. Rambler, I want to add some more thoughts to our discussion. We can relax or become peaceful by FIRST raising our minds in prayer rather than focusing on first relaxing our body in order to pray. While it is true that it is more conducive to be in a peaceful environment for praying, it has been stated by the famous Mother Teresa that everything we do can be a prayer (work, sleep, relax time, etc). We don’t need to put so much effort into relaxing our mind and body and meditate on peace of mind because that might make us focus on the mental or physical defects we have and can tend to make us more agitated. If we only concentrate on this relaxation of the mind and body - getting them both to relax together, it doesn’t always work that way and I think it can make people depressed or crazy. Turning our minds toward the Supreme Being is more rewarding or beneficial to the human psyche because it draws us out of ourselves and gets us to focus on the world around us. It is this focus on the beauty of the world that helps us learn the truth about ourselves and makes us more peaceful. Why? It is peaceful and comforting when we know that we are loved and have people around us in the world with whom to share our love. It gives me peace to know that I can raise my mind and heart in prayer and can know there is a God who cares for me.

    Comment by submarine susie — September 11, 2008 #

  6. Good points all, and I agree with you…eloquently described. I’d been touched by compassion in the past by people who said they had tried to get to that state and just couldn’t quiet themselves down enough to focus and feel their inner center (where God abides) OR look outward and feel connected to the beauty of creation. Since it’s a two-way street (going inward, seeking outward) I’ve been taught that I can just focus on breath itself…air going in, air going out…and in a little while the blocks to attention like crowded thoughts will fall away, and that realization and feeling you describe will emerge and fill us up as if it had been there all the time. It’s worked for me. Great to “hear” your voice! Be well…RAMBLER

    Comment by Rambler — September 16, 2008 #

  7. P.S….The Lakota Sioux have a saying;”Every breath a prayer”. R.

    Comment by Rambler — September 16, 2008 #

  8. What “state” are you talking about? People cannot always use meditation to quiet themselves or “find their inner circle” (heart where God abides). Sometimes they have to just begin to talk with their Creator and then find inner peace. At other times they may not “feel” God at all because it has been proven in many holy people’s lives that God, so to speak, hides Himself from their vision and this is when they are most tested. They don’t necessarily “feel” His presence but they know He is there because of their very existence. If God wasn’t there with them, they would cease to exist for He holds us all in existence. This two way street you speak of must first consist of our acquiring knowledge from the world around us to conform to reality. The reality is we need breath in order to live. The human respiratory system requires that we inhale and exhale. If we fail to do either, we can encounter respiratory problems. The porta-lung provides us with equality in each of these spectrums. It is like the perfect tool that reproduces in man what has been lost through sickness. How does this relate to man finding peace or feeling God’s presence in our lives? Well, I would say that we might feel God present when we go through a severe illness and suddenly we are guided to a remedy for the illness. For instance, let’s say we have a chronic respiratory and after going to every doctor in our realm, we find these medical giants have no answers for us. We get discouraged but somehow we have the strength to persevere, to find a solution (God leading us). We decided to research respirators and came across the porta lung website. They find it is a respirator that might work for them so they email or call the Administrator to find out more about the porta lung. Is this coincidence or is God inspiring us to do the research and giving us the will to live? Some would say “Yes, it is coincidence” and others would say “God guided me to the site”. I am in the second camp and I say God directs my steps in everything because I guarantee you I wouldn’t be here typing on this blog today without His loving care keeping me alive. When I was on positive pressure, God saw how it was for the family to care for me and led us to the porta lung.

    It is unfortunate that many get turned off on the porta lung by their physicians who do not yet know how the porta lung works. We need to break this barrier and educate doctors on the porta lung.

    Comment by submarine susie — September 17, 2008 #

  9. hey submarine susie i have a question
    Many adults over 40 espiecially men have a serious sleep apnia problem. They cannot sleep at night because they cannot breathe. Many doctors reccommend surgery to the throat or some sort of apparatus that is worn over the face at night. It seems to me that your porta lung might be a solution to this problem please check it out and let me know. A world of sleepless old men could use some sleep, thx yoedaily

    Comment by yoedaily — November 3, 2008 #

  10. Have you talked to any one else about the redesign changes that I have made on my daughter’s porta lung which allowed her (when she needed to use it, which is no longer the case) to get into and out of the porta lung on her own? Need more info then contact me at otoolbox @ (leave out the spaces that I put in for spam collectors). Can you get into and out of the porta-lung on your own accord? Do you only need it at night?

    Comment by toolbox — November 5, 2008 #

  11. ps: my daughter put a yellow cloth on the porta lung and made a silver periscope looking device and called it her “yellow submarine”.

    Comment by toolbox — November 5, 2008 #

  12. Great question, Yoedaily!

    Porta-Lung Inc has done a study of sleep apnea with porta-lung at John Hopkins, I think. During sleep your upper airways collapse which causes lung volume to diminish and makes the person unable to sleep peacefully. The porta-lung is great remedy for this problem because at John Hopkins, they found that increasing lung volume opens up the upper airways and helps the person sleep. Now, as a porta-lung user I can verify this for you. When you are in the porta-lung, the pressure of the breathing is very strong and it pushes the air into the lungs and that same air spreads to your airways (nose, mouth and throat) so that you can feel the air coming through your nose and mouth at the same time. It’s more difficult when you have a cold, but the air still moves through. When you are on the porta-lung, you don’t have to worry about getting air because of the strength in air pressure.

    Comment by submarine susie — November 7, 2008 #

  13. Welcome Toolbox, and thank you for your questions!

    I think your first question must be addressed to the Administrator of this site so I’ll leave that one to him. :)

    Your daughter sounds very creative! I used to use an old fashioned iron lung and since it was yellow I nicknamed it my “yellow submarine.” :D It’s nice to know your daughter’s lungs got stronger and she didn’t need to use the iron lung anymore.

    I cannot get myself in and out of the porta-lung because I am totally paralyzed so someone always has to do these things for me. I have spinal meningitis so I have a little mobility in one arm but everything else is paralyzed, including my lungs. After trying several kinds of respirators over the years, negative pressure with the iron lung and porta-lung seems to be the best alternative to maintaining a healthy life - that is, if you have to be on a respirator for your whole life. :) Yes, I only have to be on the porta-lung but I need anywhere from 11-13 hours in it every night. This amount of time (I found) relieves much of the exhaustion and breathing stress to my lungs. But I only need at night and during the day I need a normal life where I can get out and about, get an education, and maintain a parttime job.

    Comment by submarine susie — November 10, 2008 #

  14. Dear Susie,
    The friends I have that are in need of help are all fully grown men usually overweight. They lead active lives and have wives and children. Is the respirator a viable option as far as cost as well as space in a home. One friend in particular is 240plus pounds and overweight. He currently wears a mask at night and is very uncomfortable. Is it possible to have a lung large enough for a man this size? Is sleeping in the lung cramped or confining? Is it possible to roll over or change position in the lung? let me know thanks for the help Yoedaily

    Comment by yoedaily — November 12, 2008 #

  15. I think that just a couple of years ago Porta-Lung had designed and made an “oversized porta-lung for a girl in the “land down under”. I do not know if he can build more or not. If Porta-Lung were to use the design that I created for getting into and out of or a similar design then the answer to your question yoedaily is yes. Also yes one can roll over on one’s side. Your body can change positions to the point that your neck remains in the yoke.

    Comment by toolbox — November 13, 2008 #

  16. I imagine wearing a mask would be very uncomfortable. The porta-lung is the size of a single bed so it can fit in a small bedroom in one’s home very easily. It costs under 10k so one would probably have to get their insurance to help with the cost. It is fairly simply for a family member to help a person get in and out of the porta-lung, especially if the patient is mobile. The one assisting only has to know how to work the NEV 100 (turn it on and off), learn the settings that are right for the user and set the settings on the machine, and then how to close the collar/yoke of the porta-lung. The collar/yoke simply insures the chamber maintains an airtight seal. Porta-lung Inc has had a request for an extra large porta-lung. He is a post polio patient who is overweight and enjoyed using the iron lung many years ago. I don’t know exactly what Porta-Lung Inc is doing to accomadate his needs but I know that this person in the porta-lung because it is much like the iron lung and he thought the porta-lung would improve his health, just as the iron lung did.

    Yes, you can roll over in the porta-lung and turn your head from side to side within the parameters of the fastened collar around the neck. I think Porta-Lung can design a chamber that is a little wider so that it can comfortably accomodate an overweight person. For the average physically mobile person, Porta-Lung Inc needs to make some redesign changes to make it possible for the patient to get in and out of the chamber without assistance. It is SOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT for the company to advertise the flexibility, mobility, and independence that comes to the respiratory impaired patient when they own a porta-lung.

    Two Great Things About the Porta-Lung
    1) NO DOCTORS, NURSES OR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS NEED TO BE PRESENT 24/7 TO MONITOR THE BREATHING OF THE PORTA-LUNG FOR THE LONG TERM. Once the patient/caregiver(s) goes through the training session in using the porta-lung they can manage it very well on their own.

    Porta-Lung has to hear the needs of the average person who needs a respirator either for the long term or short term. For the patient who can function physically on his/her own, they need to make some redesign changes to allow them to get in the machine at whatever time the patient wants to go to bed and get out of the machine in the morning to go about his/her day without having to rely on the assistance of another person. The porta-lung was invented from the principle of the iron lung to allow the user more flexibility/mobility, but they need still need to make advancement. From what I see, it wouldn’t take much to update the design to fit the times and people’s busy lifestyles.


    Comment by submarine susie — November 15, 2008 #

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