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Resuscitation with Porta-Lung cont.

July 29, 2008 on 12:56 pm | In submarinesusie |

I promised to tell my readers how long it takes to get into the porta-lung. So here is the exciting news! From getting through the front port hole and fastening the collar securely around the neck to turning the NEV on, it takes 3 to 4 minutes. I’m not sure if that is fast enough to resuscitate someone. This is a question for all you brilliant respiratory therapists out there to answer or investigate. Have some fun and challenge the idea!


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  1. Hi, there, S.S.! Back after a couple of weeks adventuring in the mts. Hope you’ve been well. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. As always, another interesting idea for the P.L. Don’t know if 3 to 4 minutes would be fast enough either, BUT what if it were MODIFIED for emergency situations? After all, if EMTs can lift someone onto a gurney, they could lift ‘em into a P.L. Picture a P.L. on extendable legs with wheels, pump equipped w/battery pack, appropriate portals for IVs etc. The person would have breathing regulated IMMEDIATELY and effortlessly for them, unless there was some blockage and a trach was needed, then the whole thing transported to a hospital. If resuscitation was all that was needed, you’d be done! In my opinion it wouldn’t take much design modification. After all, if we can figure out how to change the tires on a race car in 12 seconds, this should be easy. Talk to you soon….Rambler

    Comment by Rambler — August 6, 2008 #

  2. Hey, Rambler! Good to have you back…I’ve missed our discussions. :-) Thanks for your prayers. Yep, I’m still puffing away (as we say in respiratory language:-D ). You had some pretty nifty ideas there for modifications to the Porta-Lung in emergency situations. The best was a Porta-Lung w/battery pack because not only could you use the battery pack for resuscitation situations but also for everyday life like when there is a power outage. I also liked your idea of extendable legs with wheels for fast easy transportation. The legs should be able to be put on or taken off because keeping the Porta-Lung compact is a great feature. Could the battery pack be taken off? BTW, when I spoke of resuscitation, I meant someone who went unconscious from blockage to his airway. So a trach might necessary for a short time but then the patient could immediately go onto the Porta-Lung, IF a 4-inch bar was placed on the front, very center of the collar to hold it back from the trach as the collar is fastened.

    Comment by submarine susie — August 8, 2008 #

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