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Healing with a Porta-Lung

July 15, 2008 on 9:34 am | In submarinesusie |

The Porta-Lung is a good tool for healing respiratory problems such as colds and bronchial congestion. Since my respiratory system is compromised, breathing becomes more difficult and I get more tired when I have a cold. So I really welcome the Porta-Lung’s assistance. Instead of the usual 11 to 13 hours I spend nightly in the Lung, I might spend an extra hour in it to help me fight the infection. How does it help fight the infection? Well, it takes all the stress off my lungs and makes it easier to rest. If one can’t sleep and rest, it will take longer to recover. I imagine the new Cough Assist ventilator from Porta Lung Inc would help the patient to get rid of phlegm with assistance in coughing. I have not tried this machine yet but coughing is very difficult for me so this would probably help those with the same problem.


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  1. This is an interesting angle, the connection between breath, rest, the actions of the immune system, and healing itself. I’d have thought the Porta Lung could be a vehicle for healing, not just maintainance. That’s still such a mystery, even to medical science…how often don’t we hear “Well, get some rest!” for a variety of ailments? Anything that helps one breathe, which in turn helps one sleep and REDUCE STRESS, seems bound to aid healing, even if we can’t describe that process precisely.You nailed it pretty well! Randy

    Comment by Rambler — July 16, 2008 #

  2. Yes, rest is very important for recovery and healing. If we aren’t in a peaceful environment or don’t have the tools for getting rest, then our recovery and healing will be prolonged. Yes, the porta-lung can expedite the healing process for colds because one with compromised breathing the strength needed to fight the cold. See, I don’t have a lot of resistance or strength to combat a respiratory infection on my own. But the porta-lung’s constant negative base line pressure stretches my lung muscles and oxygenates all the little fibres and capallaries inside the lungs to help them better battle the infection. We need to have rest and minimize the stress on our bodies to heal and then to function properly.

    Do we realize that finding new alternatives can improve one’s life dramatically? Rather than going with the status quo in medical science, sometimes it is good to research other alternatives - as painful as it may be to do the research. If the patient can’t do the research, perhaps there is a loved one who can. Just a suggestion.

    Comment by submarine susie — July 17, 2008 #

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