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Porta-Lung’s Participation with Respiratory System

July 3, 2008 on 11:11 am | In submarinesusie |

The Porta-Lung relaxes my lungs so that they conform to the breath work of the machine while I’m in it. It is sort of like someone who reaches out their hand to help someone who walks with a limp. When the one limping takes the hand of the helper, suddenly he can walk a little more freely feeling confident that he won’t fall. The Porta-Lung is the “helper”. By cooperating with the its breathing rhythm, I am, in a sense, unconsciouly breathing along with the machine. The Porta-Lung is taking the burden off my lungs like the helper who reaches out his hand to the limper. I get stronger as I work to align myself with the Porta-Lung’s aid to the thoracic cage. The relaxation of being inside the machine comes with the Porta-Lung’s increase in my oxygen level and the elimination of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide tends to build up more rapidly in those with respiratory difficulties because of weak lung capacity.


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  1. Would this work for someone who gets frequent colds or suffers from asthma? Maybe they could use the machine once in awhile. Does that sound feasible? i have a nephew who has excerise induced asthma. Right now he has walking pneumonia. He gets colds easily. Would this help him, if he needed to relax and get rest? He is very tall (6′3″, that may be a problem though:)

    Comment by mcw — July 10, 2008 #

  2. I think the porta lung would be good for those with asthma because asthma patients suffer from restriction to the airways in the lungs and the porta lung opens up these airways, allowing oxygen to flow through smoothly. How often does your nephew get asthma attacks? A short time in the porta lung could give him the rest he needs to go for very long periods of time without feeling that he can’t breathe, especially if his asthma attacks are not so frequent. How is your nephew? Age depends a lot on how quickly the lungs can maintain good oxygen levels with the restriction to the airways. Perhaps, he would only have to be in the porta lung for an hour to get the rest needed and then go for a long time without any ventilator.

    Comment by submarine susie — July 10, 2008 #

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