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Therapy in Constant Negative Base Line Pressure

June 30, 2008 on 9:05 am | In submarinesusie |

The Porta-Lung feels very therapeutic with its constant negative base line pressure. Just as a PT gives therapy by stretching a person’s leg or arm muscles, the Porta-Lung gives therapy to the lungs through its breath work. The Porta-Lung user can breathe in sync with the machine without having to do all the work. For someone with respiratory problems, my diaphragm and lungs really appreciate the rest after a hard day’s exercise. The Porta-Lung decreases the carbon dioxide levels in my lungs which gradually rises throughout the day. In the past there have been times when the CO2 rose to dangerously high levels, causing me to pass out. Also, the air flow in the Porta-Lung chamber helps to get air into those areas of my lungs which are non-functional due to paralysis. It is very consoling to know that the Porta-Lung can bring my oxygen levels up to their highest potential. I think I normally breathe with 1 ½ lungs considering my respiratory paralysis. When I used positive pressure, I noticed that my heart rate would skyrocket. Perhaps this was due to the breathing pattern of positive pressure and the shallowness in the breaths. Whatever the case, it wasn’t restful. It’s pretty cool to have a machine like the Porta-Lung to do the work for you!

As I stated in previous blogs, the Porta-Lung can be refreshment to those with respiratory problems. One time I had an accident where I passed out in the car and ended up in the hospital. We had the Porta-Lung in the back so we brought it into the emergency room of the hospital and they put me on it immediately. Within a half hour I was fine.


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  1. I’ve always felt the nature of “therapy” is to assist, nurture,and “en-courage”natural life functions…the elements of expression(so to speak)of a living being. Breath is an expression of life. So is touch. Movement. One vital aspect of the healing process itself, any kind of healing, may well be the act of offering assistance which is then received. The center of our being gets that spark of energy, connection, hope. The will to live is renewed and sustained.It’s best when it’s a natural thing though,this giving and receiving..we participate. I wonder if one reason your heartrate would skyrocket with positive pressure was this; your body sensed it had no choice or participation in the breathing process. It could only wait for the machine to deliver a blast of air, in whatever “dose” the machine was set for. On some level(blood pressure..Panic!) it freaked out. You use the words “appreciate” and “refeshment” in connection with the Porta Lung experience, which sounds like it’s a more natural and co-operative process, like you’re both breathing your body, participating as a whole. That’s got to be healthier…and feel better! Thanks for the info and insight.

    Comment by Rambler — July 2, 2008 #

  2. I agree with you. Breath is The most important expression of life, I think. It is the one expression which shows that a person is alive. It is pretty much the basis for every other expression (movement, touch, etc). Yes, the Porta-Lung offers that assistance for healing but the Porta-Lung is simply a tool in the hand of the great Healer, God. As a firm Roman Catholic, I believe God showed us how to get a Porta-Lung so that I could be healed from my respiratory failure. And He used a respirator, the Porta-Lung which is natural to the respiratory system to heal me. God uses the Porta-Lung to spark the energy needed for my body to function, which gives hope. The will to live is renewed, yes, but the will to live is instinctive, driven deep inside from God. God is the Author of Life, He chooses whether to give life or take it away. So, while I was on positive pressure I still had the will to live. I wanted to live and fought to live even though I knew positive pressure went against my respiratory system. When it was killing me, I still had the will to live and trusted God would make it possible for us to use the Porta- Lung. Yes, I participate with the healing instrument because it feels natural and good. I really don’t know if it was blood pressure that made my heart rate skyrocket. Maybe…could be! Whenever I visit the doctor nowadays, my blood pressure is usually very low! lol! No worries, I guess. Yes, you’re right, I panicked A LOT while I was on positive pressure. It was probably because my body was vulnerable or solely at the machine’s mercy and not given the chance to participate. This is what I also meant by the slave principle of positive pressure. Yes, the Porta Lung is cooperating with ME. It’s doing what my body wants it to do. The Porta Lung breathes FOR me and then I breathe (silently) with it.

    Comment by submarine susie — July 3, 2008 #

  3. Great dialogue! Isn’t it amazing how we can go from the topic of Breath to the heart of life itself? The medical establishment has just lately opened to the truth that a human body isn’t a machine that can be fixed, altered or “souped-up” like a car. Sure, sometimes the first task is to keep the thing running, but HOW that’s accomplished affects the whole healing process,and the person too. Treat a physical condition one way,and “the machine” just breaks down somewhere else. Treat it ANOTHER way,and the effort awakens that spark of energy/life/Divine that infuses our whole being with healing and strength.Wonder what the Porta-Lung approach would look like addressing other physical processes and challenges? Lots of topics here. More later…be well, keep breathing! Randy

    Comment by Rambler — July 4, 2008 #

  4. Yes it is! :-) But, wouldn’t you say that breath is pretty much the core to one’s physical life? Without breath, we would all be dead, right? :-) The medical establishment is working much harder to treat the person as a whole. But they need doctors need to have time to listen to the patient’s concerns and then treat the individual’s needs. Patients shouldn’t be treated as numbers but as people. Exactly! And one that one way or another way is different for every person. Everyone is different so we all can’t be treated the same way.

    What do you mean by “Wonder what the Porta Lung approach would look like addressing other physical processes and challenges?”

    What other physical processes or challenges?

    Comment by submarine susie — July 4, 2008 #

  5. What struck me first about Porta Lung is that it works with “natural forces”(air pressure)to ASSIST not force the body’s natural processes. It ALLOWS the body to breathe well, doesn’t MAKE it breathe. When I was first seeking help for severe back problems, a wonderful doctor pointed me to tai chi…and over time, that slow mindful energy-conducive movement allowed my body to fall back into alignment and grow stronger. Saved me from surgery. What other processes or challenges could benefit from an approach that allows healing(not forces) and uses natural forces like air/internal pressure by merging with them, not mimic or reproduce them? Don’t know right now…let’s think of some!

    Comment by Rambler — July 6, 2008 #

  6. Huh! You have an interesting perspective on the porta lung. It assists the patient to breathe well but doesn’t FORCE the patient to breathe? I don’t know. Give me some health problems to think about and maybe I can think of some natural remedies. How about vitamins or herbs? Acupuncture?

    Comment by submarine susie — July 7, 2008 #

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