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Slave Principle of Positive Pressure and Freedom of the Porta-Lung

June 25, 2008 on 2:10 pm | In submarinesusie |

Being attached to a positive pressure respirator makes me feel like a slave to a machine. I don’t like it. It just blows air into a person and doesn’t even feel good. It doesn’t give the air volume I need to lead a normal life. With my breathing problems, I would have to be attached to a positive pressure respirator 24/7 to get enough air to breathe. It made me feel a bit like an addict waiting anxiously for the next breath that the positive pressure respirator would blow into me. I felt more like a vegetable rather than a human being. Positive pressure handicaps one and psychologically makes them a vegetable whereby they think they will never be able to breathe on their own. It’s unproductive. Also, positive pressure can diminish a person’s sense of dignity and worth. Instead of people seeing me for my personality, they saw the respirator.

I think being hooked up to a positive ventilator is horrible! You only have so much slack with respirator tubes with which to move about. If you move too far, it feels like the tubes will tear the inside of your throat out. The Porta-Lung allows me to live a normal life and have some independence. While I’m inside the machine, I can talk and eat without discomfort. The Porta-Lung is a non-invasive respirator so it doesn’t affect the inside of your body like positive pressure does. The Porta-Lung allows the person to live, not just exist. After improving the lungs, it improves the whole body because as one who lives with respiratory problems, I can tell you a good ventilator such as the Porta-Lung is the key to survival and increasing longevity.

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