The PEGASO V is an assisted/controlled non-invasive ventilation system. PEGASO V works with a Poncho a cuirass or any kind of iron lung.

The negative pressure ventilation is a mechanical kind of ventilation similar to human spontaneous ventilation. Numerous studies have shown the utility of the negative pressure ventilation in certain disease such as post-polio syndrome, muscolar dystrophy, spinal cord injury, COPD and so on.

PEGASO V generates a Negative Inspiratory Pressure I (from 5 to 99 cmH2O) and a Null (atmospheric level), Positive or Negative Expiratory Pressure E (from +99 to 25 cmH2O). Respiratory phases follow the preset frequency F (from 1 to 50 bpm) and the I/E ratio (from 1:99 to 9.9:1).

PEGASO V can install an optional Trigger, sensing the spontaneous demands of the patient and permitting the use in Synchro/Timed, Spontaneous/Timed and Spontaneous with Plateau modes. If the Triggers are installed, the Autoparameters Function is also enabled, permitting the evaluation of the respiratory frequency and I/E ratio of the patient in automatic mode.




  Easy to use

  Brushless Blower

  Digital Lock of Parameters

  Keyboard Setting

  Microcontroller Supervision

  Lcd Visualization

  Optional Trigger

  Alarms (Power failure alarms, Low and High pressures alarms, High air temperature alarm, Mechanical failure alarms)










Negative Pressure I

Variable from 0 to 99

Positive/Negative Pressare E

Variable from +99 to 25 cmH2O


Variable from 5 to 50 cpm

I/e Ratio

Variable from 9.9:1 to 1:99


Controlled Ventilation, Assisted Controlled Ventilation, Continuous Negative, Assisted with Plateau


High and low respiratory pressure, power failure, technical anomalies

Relative Humidity

10-90 % RH

Operating Temperature

50-122 F (10-50 C)


30 X 32 X 25 cm (H, W, D)


6,5 kg = ~14,3 lbs.

Power Supply

110V/240V 50/60hz, 400 VA

Electrical Safety

Class I BF


EN/IEC 60601-1, EN/IEC 60601-1-2,

EN/IEC 60601-1-4

CE Conformity

Risk Class IIB (93/42/EEC Directive)